Spalletti: “Guardiola will not deceive me” .. “I understand very well how he is trying to put pressure on Napoli”

Napoli coach Luciano Spalletti refused to get high from Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola's praise.

Napoli reached the quarter-finals of the Champions League for the first time in its history, by defeating Eintracht Frankfurt 5-0 on aggregate.

Guardiola said earlier that Napoli is the best team in Europe right now.

When asked if he was proud of Guardiola’s praise, Spalletti replied with a dry face: “I don’t feel proud of Guardiola’s praise. I don’t feel anything. I know very well the game he’s trying to implement. Everyone knows how they like to put pressure on others.”

He asked, “How will we put Napoli as a candidate above Manchester City? They spend 900 million euros while we spend 9 million euros. There must be a reason. It is a psychological game so that they can get us out.”

And he talked about the victory: “It is a great result. We will enjoy this victory with our fans.”

He stressed, “It is important now that we continue at the same level as we appeared today, because we did not start with the same quality as usual. Despite this, we made distinguished moves and did not leave a chance for the opponent.”

And he admitted: “If Napoli did not succeed in reaching this role throughout its history, then this means that we have achieved a great result.”

He concluded: “Osimen is an excellent striker, sometimes he acts individually and makes these sudden jumps, but he is good at linking up well with the rest of the team as well.”

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