Messi and Ronaldo surpassed Haaland, who scored eight goals in five days!

The Norwegian star, Erling Haaland, made a stunning show once again against his team, Manchester City, against his counterpart, Burnley, in the FA Cup.

The young player scored a hat-trick and led his team to another big victory in the same week they beat Leipzig in the Champions League.

What did Haaland do in front of Burnley?
Away from hat-tricks, he hit the ball four times on goal, tried to recover the ball once and had only ten correct passes with an accuracy rate of 40%, rising to 44% in the opposition midfield.

A number preceded by adults
In the history of the English Premier League, no single player has ever scored 40 goals in all tournaments except in five previous cases, and Haaland was the sixth.

Haaland preceded that number by several stars, perhaps the most prominent of whom is the Egyptian Mohamed Salah, who is the only one continuing in the English Premier League at the present time, next to Harry Kane, the current star of Tottenham, and with them Cristiano Ronaldo and others.

Six hat-tricks
The Norwegian star reached his sixth hat-trick of the season at the Etihad Stadium, after today’s hat-trick, and far from how big that number is, but by comparing it to the number of matches in which he failed to score on the same stadium, which is five meetings, you will realize how amazing this number is.

More than all Premier League stars combined
Haaland scoring his sixth hat-trick also means that he has scored more hat-tricks this season than all the Premier League stars combined in all competitions.

Where Mohamed Salah, Evan Toni, Son Heung-min, Phil Foden and Leandro Trossard scored a hat-trick for each player with a total of five hat-tricks this season in all the tournaments in which they participated.

Eight goals in five days!
With today’s hat-trick, Haaland reaches his eighth goal this week, after scoring five goals against RB Leipzig in the Champions League on Tuesday.

This leads Haaland to have scored eight goals in five days, which are records that many stars have not preceded, only Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and Robert Lewandowski if we check their numbers.

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